Feeling physically well
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Feeling physically well

There are several reasons why being a young carer could have an impact on your physical health. Perhaps you are having to lift and carry things, or you may be struggling to get a healthy diet or enough exercise because there is so much going on in your life that you don’t feel you have the time to prioritise these.

Caring should not become so big in your life that it starts to impact your physical health.

If you feel there is an issue with your physical health, the most important thing to do is arrange an appointment with your GP. Your GP will understand what being a young carer is like.

Below are some links to organisations in North Tyneside who may be able to help you with your physical health.


Active North Tyneside

Active North Tyneside will help you get active and feel the benefits of living a longer and healthier life.

Meadow well connected

We offer a range of supportive services in response to the needs identified by our local community.


In England and Wales, we intensively support 228,000 young people every year, ensuring each young person we meet ha

Howdon Hub

We work with the family to offer practical and intensive support to improve their situation.

Young Carers Ease Extra Card

If you have had a Young Carers' Needs Assessment, you are entitled to a Young Carers' Ease Card.

Walking With, North Tyneside

Providing activities and support for asylum seekers and refugees in North Tyneside