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Adults with care and support needs

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Adults with care and support needs

Establishing good support for the person who the young carer is looking after is key to ensuring a young carer is not adopting an excessive or inappropriate caring role.

If a young carer is supporting an adult with care and support needs, it should be established whether Adult Services could put services in place to meet the care and support needs of the adult and reduce the impact on the young person.

Under the Care Act 2014, local authorities must carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support.

Adult Social Care

North Tyneside Adult Social Care work to support people who are vulnerable or at risk, by providing personal and practical support to help them live their lives independently. This includes:

  1. Older people
  2. People with physical disabilities
  3. People with learning disabilities
  4. People with mental health needs
  5. People who are having difficulty with their hearing or sight
  6. Young people and adults who care for relatives or friends

If you think someone who a young carer is supporting needs support or assessment by Adult Social Care, with their consent, you can contact the Gateway team on: 0191 643 2777

It is important that the professional making the referral explains that it is the presence of a young carer in the home that has triggered the referral, so that a whole family picture can be considered when any assessment takes place.

Other support

There are several other organisations that may be able to offer support to an adult with care and support needs, where this additional support would make a positive difference in the life of a young carer, as well as the person with care and support needs. These are listed below.

Host Home

Host Home volunteers can have a powerful impact in the lives of struggling families.

North Tyneside Hard of Hearing Support Organisation

North Tyneside Hard of Hearing run regular social groups and meetings with speakers and discussions.

Friends Action North East

An organisation with the purpose of helping adults in the North East of England with learning disabilities.

Adult Day care – Thrive Programme – Meadowell Connected

We all want to lead purposeful lives to feel happy, confident and useful.

Family Gateway

We deliver a range of projects and commissions, all of which are aimed at supporting whole families.

Family Friend

Friendly folk who befriend, mentor and support parents through their crisis.

Safe Families For Children

Safe Families For Children offer a variety of services for families in North Tyneside.

Good Neighbours Project VODA

The Good Neighbours project recruits, trains and supports volunteers to carry out a variety of practical tasks.

Care and Connect

Care and Connect is a service for individuals, families, children and young people in North Tyneside.