Host Home

Host Home volunteers can have a powerful impact in the lives of struggling families, especially when the family doesn’t have a network of family or friends who they can turn to. Host Homes offer short-term overnight accommodation to children. Depending on the needs of the family and the preferences/availability of the volunteer, this may be two nights a month for 4-6 months or can be for one-off situations, like a parent going into hospital, for example. There is also the opportunity to host mums and babies, usually for 4-6 weeks following the birth of the baby. Host Homes can choose the type of hosting they do and the age, gender and location of children they host. Host Homes are in control of their volunteering and can take a break at any time. After applying, Host Homes will go through our Safer Recruitment Process to ensure they are well trained, equipped and supported each step of the way. Sometimes one night can make all the difference in a child’s life.